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'''Lautaro''' ( "southern crested caracara|swift hawk") (1534?–April 29, 1557) was a young Mapuche ''toqui'' who achieved notoriety for leading the indigenous resistance against Conquest of Chile|Spanish conquest in Chile. Lautaro begun his career as a captive of Pedro de Valdivia but escaped in 1551. Back among his people he was declared toqui and led Mapuche warriors into a series of victories against the Spanish culminating in the Battle of Tucapel in December 1553 where Pedro de Valdivia was killed. The outbreak of a typhus plague, a drought in Chile|drought and a famine prevented the Mapuches from taking further actions to expel the Spanish in 1554 and 1555. Between 1556 and 1557 a small group of Mapuches commanded by Lautaro attempted to reach Santiago to liberate the whole of Zona Central, Chile|Central Chile from Spanish rule. Lautaros attempts ended in 1557 when he was Battle of Mataquito|killed...
Birth date{{circa}} 1534
Death date30 April 1557
Birth placeTreguaco, Chile
Death placeMaule Region, Chile
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Birth name| allegiance = Mapuche
Branch| serviceyears =
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